Thursday, 18 October 2012

A step in the right direction

xx X
Jacket: Vintage
Shirt: Monsoon
Jeans: River Island

I love this shirt, it's so easy to wear with most pieces of clothing and as the colour is just off-white it goes with everything. Was a recent(ish) purchase that mumsy bought for me to try cheer me up as she knows how low i've been - Cutie isn't she? I tend not to wear jeans as i just don't find them flattering on me whatsoever and this is now the only pair i own, i'm still not to keen if i'm honest. (yes i know i'm way too critical on myself), but a shirt or blouse always look lovely with a pair of jeans. The jacket was something of my Grandma's and i think it brings the outfit together nicely with it's dogtooth print. I love dogtooth print in black & white, it just adds a touch of class to whatever is being worn.

This is one of the first outfit posts i've done in a long time. I've been really struggling with my anxiety, depression, my insecurities, self-esteem and confidence. Even leaving the house is a struggle nowadays, and i don't unless it's for a hospital appointment. So yeah, hello the beginning of recovering from this major anxiety problem which has been controlling my life. It just appeared out of nowhere and took a grip hence why COURTZMELV was on major hold for a while. But this is a start and a step forward for me. :)



  1. Really think this outfit suits you! Sorry to hear things haven't been great, glad that you're starting to feel better x

  2. Sorry to hear you're not feeling to great at the moment, but just to let you know your passion for fashion and just towards achieving your life goals is inspirational. I wish I could have such will power :)

  3. Gorgeous outfit! & im glad youre back to posting, have missed your posts! :) Hope you feel better soon xx

  4. I'm glad your back beautiful, you look bloody gorgeous x

  5. You look amazing! I adore the jacket especially <3

    Jennie xo |

  6. I love when I find that perfect top that can just go with everything. You are adorable, girl! Love your style!
    xo TJ

  7. awh, i hope you feel better soon you beautie! :( i love your outfit, the jacket is my fave :) xx

  8. I simply adore that jacket :) I also love a white shirt, it's the perfect wardrobe staple isn't it?

    You look gorgeous and i'm so sorry to hear your going through a rough time. I really hope you feel better and everything starts to look up for you.

    And thank you so much for your lovely, kind words on my blog, it really brightened my day :) xxx

  9. this is so cute!

    lucy xo

  10. Your hair is so pretty! Love this black and white outfit!

  11. Nice jacket!

  12. Well done babe I know it isn't easy in the slightest I suffer anxiety too and somedays it takes over my whole life. You look absolutely incredible + I adore the jacket on you :) classy girl!


  13. i'm loving this jacket!!! the simple colors in the outfit make it a classic look.

    hope you feel steps.


  14. Great news!
    I hope You're doing well!

    Lovely outfit post :)



  15. Love the jacket, You look lovely babe!


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