Tuesday, 4 August 2015

What's in my beach bag

Today i have a 'What's In My Beach Bag' post for you! I'm not actually going on holiday this Summer due to health reasons and having a lot of hospital appointments. So to put this together, i put in this beach bag, that Boohoo kindly sent me, what i more or less took to the beach when i went to Dubai in May. Just gonna throw this out there, that if you haven't been to Dubai, GO! It's amazing! Here you'll see some of my favourite things to put in my bag when going to the beach!

(Minion Beach Towel: Claires Accessories. (similar here) Pink Hair Scrunchie(*): Boohoo Lola Suede Scrunchie)
Well you can't go to the beach without a towel now, can you? I obviously took my minion towel! If you didn't know already, i love minions, and i got this lovely towel for Christmas from Claires Accessories from my parents. I took it to the beach with me when i was in Dubai and i knew it just had to be in my beach bag, because it's 100% an essential! The Scrunchie is really cute and a lovely pink colour. It's made with faux suede, so it feels really soft. It'll look great in your hair for Summer!

 (Pink Tangle Teezer: Boots. So...? Sinful Body Spray: So...? Sinful from SuperdrugMakeup Revolution Lipstick: Makeup Revolution in Mystify)
I think it's always good to have a brush of some kind, and scent that is easy to carry around and won't get broken easily, such as a body spray, and a nice pink lippy. My hair always gets so knotty at the beach due to the wind, and then when you're all hot & sweaty and want to brush your fingers through it, you can't. I find this so frustrating, so to solve that, i'll always take a tangle teezer. A body spray is a necessity, just because it's to smell nice. There isn't much else to say about that, but if you're surrounding yourself with other people, especially people you don't know, a little bit of body spray, will not just only make you smell better, but will also make you feel a bit more comfortable too. A pink lippy is something i always take to the beach. I don't wear makeup in the day on holiday, i don't see the point; i want to tan! But i think wearing a nice neutral lipstick is just lovely.

 (Simple Cleansing Face Wipes: Simple from Boots. Paracetamol: Boots. Boohoo Sunglasses(*): Boohoo Alisha Pastel Retro Sunglasses)
Whenever i go to the beach, i have to take face wipes and paracetamol. I think it's just nice to wipe your face over with a face wipe when you're all sweaty. I know it always makes me feel a bit nicer. I have to take paracetamol because i always seem to get headaches in the sun, sometimes even in the shade, so to help get rid of that, paracetamol will always stay quite close to me. Sunglasses are just a must really aren't they? You'd be silly to go to the beach without them! This gorgeous pair are from Boohoo and i love them. The pastel pink frame is cute and i actually think i look quite nice with them on, which i was quite surprised about!

(Polka Dot Purse: Primark. (similar hereStrawberry Inflatable Beach Ball(*): Tiger (similar here))
I always have a different purse when i go on holiday because incase anything does happen to go missing, i don't want to lose everything. When i go to the beach i always take a small amount of money so that i'm able to buy things like a drink and an ice cream! mmm ice cream! When you're in the sea, it can become a bit boring with nothing to do. Taking an inflatable beach ball is the answer to all your problems! I can't begin to tell you how much fun i've had with a beach ball when at the beach. Hours of endless fun!

(Nivea Sun Cream: Boots. Water Bottle: (similar hereGlasses: FCUK. (similar here)) 
If you don't take sun cream to the beach, you're silly! You really need suncream when you're at the beach in whatever county you're in during Summer. You don't want to get burnt now, do you? I usually start off by wearing Factor 50 all over my body, because it would be terrible if you got burnt on the first day of your holiday! I will gradually go down in SPF, but always best to start high! This is one of the spray bottles. I actually prefer the bottles where you squeeze it to come out, but i guess that's just personal preference. I always take a bottle of water with me because you absolutely must keep hydrated in the heat! I've also got my glasses which i'll mostly use for reading, but i need them for when i've got a good book to get myself into.

When i went to Dubai this was the book i sunk my teeth into. It is SO good! For people that really want to know more about beauty, fashion and travel this book is great. Everytime i put it down, i couldn't wait to pick it up again. I was gutted when i finished it tbh. I can't fault the book and i feel like i actually picked up a few tips & tricks from it. 100% recommend this for a holiday read!

(iPhone 5 Black 32GB: CEX. Apple Headphones: Apple. Black Primark Shorts: Primark (similar here))
I have to take my phone with me everywhere, we're practically glued together! I take a lot of my holiday photos on my phone, so obviously i need it with me. I actually had to buy my phone from CEX because i bought it because my other one didn't have enough GB and well yeah, anyways! I don't think i'm alone in saying that my phone will come to the beach with me. You've got to be so careful you don't drop it and make it all sandy though! With my phone, i take my headphones with me as if i'm not reading my book, i'll usually be listening to music on my phone. I always download nice summery tunes before i go away as well! These black cotton shorts that i got for £4 from Primark are a perfect cover up for my legs. I don't like walking about in my swimwear with my legs fully on show, so some little shorts like this are perfect until i get to lie on the beach.

(Vintage Cream Cardigan: Vintage. (similar here))
This little cream cardigan was infact my Grandmas from many years ago. I think it'd just be perfect to throw on over my swimwear to walk down to the beach in, along with my shorts. I don't like to walk about enabling everyone to look at my body, so a light cardigan (which isn't much of a cardigan) is perfect! 

So, this is my 'What's In My Beach Bag' post! Have we go anything in common that you'd take to the beach? Am i missing something? Hope you all have a great Summer Holiday!

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Sunday, 2 August 2015

July Favourites

Well it happens to be that time of the month again. MONTHLY FAVOURITES! Here you'll see a mixture of my monthly favourites. At the bottom, i am also going to include a TV show and a movie that i loved in July! Hope you like my favourites :) 

Pineapple!: Pineapple is my all time favourite fruit. If i'm able to i will eat every morning for breakfast, though i'm trying to stop cos' i bet the acidity is ruining my teeth. But anyways, i just absolutely love this fruit. It's juicy and tasty and just pure yum! Even though they are a bit more expensive than just buying an actual pineapple, this pot from Sainsburys is just so handy! I prefer the Sainsburys pot to the Tescos pot as i just find the pineapple that bit more succulent from Sainsburys.

Primark Pineapple and Ginger Diffuser: This is just incredible! As you can see from the favourite right above this, i love pineapple. The scent of this is just beautiful and smells just like a Pina Colada! My parents really love this scent too and we have them in majority of the rooms in our house, either in this scent or the Vanilla one Primark also does! The diffuser is so inexpensive and i think it is around £3, which is an absolute bargain! The smell really infuses the room and gives the room a really sweet smell. They also do this scent in candle form at Primark for around the same price, so if diffusers aren't your thing, maybe try the candle.

Primark Beauty Blender: This is a really great alternative to the actual beauty blender. This was only £1.50 which is just amazeballs! I really like it and i find that it really does help my makeup look better once i've used it to help blend in, especially with my concealer. Due to the shape of it, the pointy bit is really great for getting right into the corner of your eye which is exactly what i wanted.

Aveeno Moisturing Lotion: Due to my sensitive skin, my friend recommended this to me. It's made out of oats and natural ingredients and is specifically for skin that gets irritated and is sensitive. I started using this about 4-6 weeks ago and i love it. There is definitely a difference in my skin since i started using it. I have quite soft skin already due to my Ehlers Danlos, but this has just made my face just super soft! I'm not 100% certain on the formula though as after using it (i only use one squirt) it leaves my skin, not feeling greasy, but like there is a moisturiser on my face, which there is obviously, but even hours later. I think this is quite good though, because although it is annoying, it does exactly what it says on the bottle, and that is that is leaves the skin moisturised for 24 hours. The only thing i'm not to keen on is the smell. It's not heavily fragranced or anything, but it just isn't the nicest of smells. But if you can get past that, it's an amazing product! On the Aveeno website, they have a whole range of products for all over your body.

iPhone 5: This may seem like a weird favourite, but in the middle of July, i accidentally dropped my phone, face down in the kitchen and it completely died. Not only was the screen cracked, but internally it had decided to die. Randomly the flash light came on and then it started vibrating all on it's own for ages. Me and my mum got rid of it, and then kindly she went halves with me on buying a new phone. I traded my iPhone 5c 8GB in to the CEX shop in March for an iPhone 5 32GB as it was impossible to do much on my phone as there was just no storage. So if i'd of rung my insurance company they'd of sent me the phone i traded in because i hadn't got my insurance on the phone i got. So yeah, me and my mum spent about £100 each and i got more or less exactly the same phone as i had before. I'd lost all my photos unfortunately as i hadn't backed up the cloud. Now i have a brand new phone, which you wouldn't even know was second-hand. Love it! You don't realise how hard it is to go without a phone for a couple days, until you have to. Trust me, it's harder than you think!

MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Dare: I literally bought this a few days before the end of July and i fell in love! This Lip Lacquer is just incredible! It acts a lot like a lip stain, but i love it! The colour is a lovely pink shade, which is a bit darker than you'd think it is when looking at it from the outside. It's just so pigmented, and it doesn't feel like you're wearing anything on your lips once it's dried after a couple of seconds! It is just stunning. I have a very unsteady hand so i managed to get this everywhere and luckily with a baby wipe it came off quite quickly in the places it wasn't meant to be, such as on my nose. You have to remember to top it up though because obviously you from where you're talking the lip lacquer on the inner bit of your lips wears off quicker than on the outer bit. I love this so much that i'm actually going to go into Superdrug and get some more of this mua lip lacquer collection.

(image sourced from Google)
The Minion Movie: If you haven't seen this already, get yourself to the cinema and see this! If you like minions you will find this hilarious! I went with my mum and dad and we laughed SO hard! If you didn't know already, i'm minion obsessed! If i see anything on with minions, whehter it be pyjamas or stickers, i will most likely buy it. At the cinema i went to, by the drinks & popcorn bit, there was a minion coin purse and i had to have it! See, obsessed! Anyways, the movie is fantastic and i think it really does appeal to all age. I'm 21 and loved it, and my parents are in their 50's and 60's and they loved it just as much as me. GO AND SEE IT! You won't regret it!

(image sourced from Google)
Humans: This is my favourite TV series at the moment. It's on channel 4, and i'm pretty sure when this post goes live the season will have finished, but i'm sure it's on 4OD. This is the most interesting TV programme i've watched in a while! If you don't know what it's about, it's about these synthetic human robots who come and do all the tedious jobs you don't want to do, such as cooking, cleaning, gardening etc. Some are more human than others though, and have feelings and emotions. It is so good, i definitely would recommend you go and watch it if you haven't already!

So these are my monthly favourites! I feel like this post was a bit long-winded but i just have so much to say on these things!
What are your monthly favourites? Do we have any in common?

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