Monday, 4 August 2014

Boy you're love makes me feel like

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Dress(*): Just for 5 pounds
Shoes: Kin by John Lewis
Ring: New Look?

I was sent this dress by Just for 5 pounds to review. I'm not going to lie, when i first saw this dress i wasn't too keen on it due to it's black band round the middle. I've never thought navy and black went well together, it's always either/or in my opinion. After putting the dress on and looking at myself in the mirror, i decided i did actually like the dress and the black band gave it a bit of a quirky twist. It's a very cute dress, with it's frills down the outside of the bust. The dove print is adorable, and all in all this dress makes me feel very 'disney princess' if you know what i mean? I've worn black shoes to match the black band which i think compliments the look very well. I'm wearing bright red lipstick too as well as a gold leaf detailed ring.

Also, to the person who said i'm 'chunky' and have 'thick thighs', i don't know what you get out of making someone feel horrible about themselves. Yes, i know i've put on weight, but it was forced and it was either that or die. So just leave it out.

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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Why you gotta be so rude

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Top(*): Dickins and Jones at House of Fraser
Skirt: Primark
Shoes: Ebay
Rings: ASOS

I was sent this top by the lovelies at House of Fraser to review from the brand Dickins and Jones. This top is rather unique being that it is different each side. On the front side you have an number of colours and it has a very summery feel to it, but on the back you have navy and white horizontal stripes. Personally, i would prefer it if the whole top was the same as it is on the front as i'm really loving the print, it's so vibrant. The top is a bit oversized (probably because i got it a size up) but i like it that way. My mum really likes the top too and has vowed to steal it from me - lol. There is a lot of navy blue going on in this top, it's all over the place on the front and obviously in stripes on the back, so i thought a skirt matching of that colour would go nicely, to give a bit of a sophisticated touch. I'm all for matching colours, a lot more so than clashing, i always feel silly when i majorly clash. Considering there's some pastel pink on the top, i thought might cute jellies would be a great match, perfect for summer too! I've kept the accessories to a minimal wearing two gold rings, one with a cute little raccoon on it. Think it adds a nice touch. You can also probably see my loom band bracelet mumsy made me. I've attempted to make something out of them but i'm absolutely useless!

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