Wednesday, 25 March 2015

If you go out in the woods today

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Blazer,Top & Rings: New Look
Skirt: ASOS
Shoes: River Island
Watch: Ice Watch
Bracelet: Pandora
Nails: Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Plum 401

The cowl neck i ordered arrived, as you can see it's white, and isn't it just gorgeous? The top is sleeveless, as i said in my previous post, i've really become a fan of sleeveless tops! I got it a couple sizes bigger because i wanted it to not be too figure hugging, and i'm glad i did, because the top is definitely meant to be a tight top. I'm wearing this top with a lilac skirt, as i think white and lilac gives a bit more of a classy look as opposed to black and lilac which personally i think is more of a casual look, though both would look nice. I felt like i couldn't wear a collared coat or blazer with the top because of the cowl neck, it looked rather strange and i wasn't a fan, so i searched my wardrobe and found this collarless blazer. I'd say it's a grey/blue colour with a kind of floral pattern on it. I think it looks really nice with this outfit and gives the outfit a bit of an edge instead of being just a simple colour block outfit. Also it is still no where near summer weather to be wearing a sleeveless top without some form of outerwear. I've got a little bit of jewellery on, in the form of three rings. One with a pink rose, a simple silver one with a cute pattern and this black criss cross ring that i wear everyday, i think the rings compliment the outfit well.

I have some good news to tell you. If you know me, i've already put it on my Facebook and Twitter, but me and one of my favourite friends who also took these blog photos, Will, are going to Dubai in May for a week! I'm so excited, i really need a break, and to get away with one of your friends just is going to be fantastic! Initiate relaxation!!

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Blame it on me

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Blazer & Skirt: Primark
Top: New Look
Necklace & Shoes: Topshop

I have a new blog photographer, my mum has been replaced (soz mum!) Thank you to Will for offering to take my blog photos and be a bit more creative with them. I love these photos, they look a lot more professional. I've also got my blogging mojo back *does happy dance!* So i will be blogging a lot more and my friend Will has helped give me it back by offering to take my photos. So thanks Will!

Todays outfit uses three block colours, black, red and grey and it is quite a simplistic outfit, but i think the colours really compliment each other. The grey top i'm wearing is sleeveless with a high neck, i'm loving all the sleeveless tops at the moment! I've just ordered myself a cowl neck sleeveless top because i'm loving them, and New Look have some awesome sleeveless tops in stock at the moment if you're on the look out for one. I thought my top would look nice with my red skater skirt. This red skater skirt is like my go to skirt when i don't know what to wear, it's so comfortable and looks good with majority of the clothes i own. It's got a really nice texture to it too as it feels and looks like it's wool. This necklace gave a nice subtle look to the outfit, and a pop of sparkle too. The shoes i'm wearing i'm absolutely in love with. As you can see they've got a small heel to them, and they've got a velvet upper. I still need to wear them in properly, but for not too long distances they're great to walk in.

Im going to too blogging events this week, the event are being held by Bloggers Love and i'm really looking forward to meeting some new bloggers. Let me know on my comments or twitter (@courtzmelv) if you're going!

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