Sunday, 26 October 2014

Remember me for centuries

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Top: Select
Skirt: Boohoo
Shoes & Ring: River Island
Rings: Topshop

Once again, i'm apologising for being a bad blogger. I'm nearly certain someone has stolen my blogging mojo! Hopefully they'll return it sooner rather than later. On a positive note, Wednesday was the 4th birthday of COURTZMELV! I wanted to do a post then, but i've been really unwell with a bad cold and a chest infection! For anyone who is new to my blog, i created my blog on the day that my Grandma passed away. She was my inspiration for writing, and i really wanted to do well, and i still try and do as best as i can with my blog to honour her. Whenever i write a blog post i always think of her and whether she would like it or not.

I saw this top while shopping and i just had to buy it! I really like the way the sleeves are, with the cut out bit around the shoulders, but what i was drawn to mostly was the writing across the front. 'Imperfect', a word most people hate, yet it's what we all are. No one is perfect by any shape or form no matter how hard you strive for it. I will be writing a lifestyle post inspired by this top in the not to distant future to do with myself wanting perfection. But back to the outfit. I thought this would look nice with a lightly coloured skirt, and instead of going for my usual tube skirt, i ventured out for a pleated pastel blue skirt, which i think works really well with the top. Jewellery wise, i'm wearing a selection of rings and my usual Pandora bracelet which never leaves my wrist. I've got my trusty brogues on, and due to this weather tights are a must! (Not that i stop wearing tights in the Summer though lol!)

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Friday, 3 October 2014

Bang bang into the room

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Top: Primark
Skirt & Ring: H&M
Shoes: Charity Shop
Rings: River Island

I bought this top on a recent shopping spree, (i seem to be having shopping sprees every week. Note to self - STOP!) But anyways, i was really drawn to this top, the colours and patterns on it are just oh so eye-catching. The material is that scuba material that was all over the high street come the Summer, and apparently it's going to be around a bit throughout the Autumn. I thought wearing this top with a skirt of a different shade of purple would work quite nicely, so i've chosen my dark pink coloured one. What do you think of my choice? All my rings are brand new, unfortunately majority of the ones that i bought, even though i tried them on in the shop, seem to now be too big!? Weird right! I always seem to be wearing cute girly shoes as opposed to shoes which might give my outfit a bit of an edge, so i opted for these wedged plimsolls, which i bought from a Charity Shop a while ago, at a bargain price! I really do think they give a bit of oomph to my typical girly outfit, may have to start wearing them more often.

I'm going to start incorporating some more lifestyle posts into my blog. I think it needs a bit of a change, plus i have some quite interesting topics to talk about, especially about Mental Health illnesses. Anything you can think of that you'd be interested in me writing about, give me a shout!

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