Monday, 28 July 2014

I can tell there's something in the way

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Hat: H&M
Choker: & Shorts: Charity Shop but Unknown
Shirt: Charity Shop from Next
Shoes: New Look

This summery look is something i wore to the Beer Festival we have in my home town once a year, which i attended with some friends last weekend. The weather was absolutely beautiful, it was incredibly hot, so yes, it was a stupid idea to wear a long sleeved shirt. I got to the opportunity to try a variety of different beers, ales or ciders. I'm not a huge beer/ale fan, so i opted to try some ciders. They were all pretty rank in all honesty. I'll stick to my Kopparberg ciders from now on me thinks. Besides that it was a nice to just sit in a field with some friends, enjoying the sunshine and a few beverages. I even treated myself to a lemon ice from the ice cream van, my favourite from when i was growing up.

I'm loving this type of look at the moment. The denim shorts and a plain shirt combo. I think it can looked really sophisticated without looking too over the top, nor showing too much flesh. i bought this shirt from a charity shop after needing just a plain oversized shirt that i could wear with more or less anything. These shorts were also from a charity shop, which were a great find because they fit just perfectly. To jazz this outfit up a bit, i decided to opt for a black fedora, which would keep the sun off my head yet also add to the outfit. I decided to also wear a silver dimante choker which i thought added a nice little touch. This black bag is infact a back pack, my most favourite recent purchase. I absolutely adore it and i think it's the perfect bag to go with this outfit.

If any of you are interested, i recently did a guest post for the Very blog on how to wear dresses from day to night, which you can view here.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Say goodbye

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Dress & Rings: New Look
Flip Flops(*): Ipanema

I was sent these flip flops from Ipanema through the lovelies at etail PR. Every girl needs a pair of flip flops for the summer, whether you're going away or not. I chose these beauties and i couldn't be happier with what i recieved. Not only are these flip flops comfortable, they have the cutest floral detailing on the sole. I'm loving the coral colour of the straps too, a major favourite for me colour wise.
I decided to match the colour of the flip flop straps to the main colour of my dress which i think works quite well. The dress also has floral detailing on it and is really light which makes for a great summer piece. This outfit is mainly coral coloured focused, but i think considering it's summer, it's all about soft yet noticeable colours, so who cares right!? I thought a couple rings with little studs on them would do nicely, and add a touch of sparkle.

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